Why hello there! How is everyone’s week going? Marvelous I hope.

Well fashion week all around the world continues, and I will be posting more of my favorites, but I decided that today I wanted to share one of my REAL favorites. (Ok, I know I always say that, but this is probably one of the truest).

Sadly, what I’m doing with you right now is only sharing. And I’ll explain why.

Meet, Rapsodia, and Argentinian label that’s one of the most coveted, and celebrated here in Latin America. (Yes, that’s where the Isolated Queen resides).

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Why hello there. I’m back with part two of my New York Fashion Week Favorites. I’m still undecided on how many parts this will be, but on the sake of keeping it short I’m very inclined to leave it at 3.

So for today I’m bringing one of my favorite designers. I have a lot of them actually. But this one is always on the list, If not because of his AWESOME personality, then probably because he is solid when it comes to his collections.

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Have you been enjoying fashion week all right? Thanks to the marvels of technology, I’ve been able to keep up with it perfectly thanks to Instagram, live streams, and the always-trustworthy

Now, do I wish I was right there in the flesh taking a look at my favorite designers work? That’s another story. But, when you live Isolated from such events, and by that I mean reaaaally far from them in reference, you just appreciate them and learn to enjoy it from the distance.

Is this a complaint? Not really, just having the same realization I have for every Fashion Week; it is just kind of sad to not have this magnitude of fashion industry right where I live, and it’s definitely a bummer that I have to look for it and at it from so afar.

Still, if you don’t end up completely happy and blessed after seeing these fashion shows, then I don’t really know how to lift your spirits.

For the first part of this installment, I’m starting with one of my favorites, Marc by Mar Jacobs. To be honest anything Marc Jacobs will always win me over. But Marc by Marc has always been a favorite of mine. It is very rare for me to not fall in love with their whole collection every time.

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Because why not? Personally I LOVE bold colored lips. And Red is forever a classic.

I’ve said it enough times, but I adore putting on make up, but the thing is, it takes me some time. And I enjoy every minute of it, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes, you just want to do it as fast as you can. That’s when I consider red lipstick my strongest weapon.

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People often ask me how come I speak English so good if I didn’t come out from an English speaking high school and come from a Spanish speaking country.

Well, for that I can only thank my father, whose biggest interest when I was growing up was for me to be able to communicate in English. He had his ways, and he did the same with my brother and sister; catch their weakness, something they’re really interested about and give them all you can find about it, but in English.

Since I was young my interest has always been fashion, hence, since I was young I’ve been reading Teenvogue. And, as someone who reads a magazine periodically, you start to develop some favoritism for some sections. Enter Eva Chen’s beauty section in Teen Vogue.

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photo (1)


Please tell me I’m not hearing crickets… tell me I’m not the only one that feels this way.

As a life long avid fan of romantic comedies, now, at 25 I can confidently say, that though I love them they probably have harmed me more that they have helped me.

To be fair, it is not just romantic comedies fault I think we all have some ridiculous expectations on love at some point in our lives. I, however, feel like a special case.

I firmly believe watching these movies since childhood repeatedly for so many years has ruined me, and my perception on love.

So, here I present you the guilty ones:

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Good Monday everybody!

I’m back today with an outfit idea that came while I was in New York.

What to wear for an art show? Or a visit to an art gallery? We all kind of think a little extra with this one cause its art we’re talking about. From my point of view, keeping it clean but kind of bold in geometrics is the key.

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Good morning everybody!

So this weekend I completely understood and felt that old saying of “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone”. Truth is for the last couple of months I’ve been little miss lazy, not paying enough attention to this blog. Not because I don’t like it, but only because I wasn’t making the time for it. Well, after almost thinking of it as gone this weekend, I realize how much work and fun I’ve had filling this blog with my silly thoughts and drawings, and how sad I would be if it were all gone, and I didn’t have this special place to share all this.

So now that we are up and running again I’m completely happy.

Just thought I’d mention that.

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To Bang or not to Bang




Yeah, that’s the best title I cold come up with.

But this is real. Don’t lie to me and tell you have not gone through this dilemma before.

If you’re a woman from age 13-60 this is a question that invades your mind at least once every 6 months and you know it. Whether you follow it or not is what makes us all different.

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Back from NYC

photo 3


I’m back! So how many of you thought I was dead? After a chaotic week, I finally got to leave for New York, and while I could have updated while I was there, the truth is I was so immersed with my own trip that I decided to compile information and share it once I was back home.

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